CLIC Conference 2017

Consortium of Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships (CLIC) Conference

The Duke-NUS medical education community is privileged to host CLIC Conference 2017 for the first time in Asia. 

Why Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships?

Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships (LICs) represent a model of clinical education through which medical students develop continuity of relationships with preceptors and patients, and gain integrated cross-disciplinary clinical experiences. Originally envisioned as a way to address workforce shortages in rural and underserved areas, LICs have since gained traction across the continuum of clinical environments. LICs promote transformative experiences for students such as meaningful professional relationships, patient-centred care of (“their” rather than “the”) patients, and preservation of empathy. Evidence shows that academic outcomes of LIC students no longer need questioning. LICs additionally report increased preceptor professional satisfaction, as well as mutual benefits between schools and communities. The LIC model has been adopted less widely in Asia than in Australia, Canada, South Africa and the United States, for reasons yet to be explored.

About CLIC Conference 2017

The CLIC Conference will be hosted in Asia for the first time. Just as Singapore boasts a flavourful fusion of communities, cultures and cuisines, the theme at CLIC Conference 2017 will revolve around fusion of ideas, influences and innovations from diverse medical education communities. We welcome anyone with stakes in clinical education, be it LIC enthusiast or first-timer, faculty, staff, or student. Previous participants have referred to CLIC Conferences as “unlike other conferences”, and “a place of debate and deliberation”. As continuity of relationships — with patients, peers, preceptors and/or programmes — underlies the foundation of LICs, we look forward to connecting, learning, influencing and championing change aimed at advancing clinical education and ultimately, patient care.

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