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Two years on from its inception and the Cancer and Stem Cell Biology (CSCB) Program at Duke-NUS is already making waves. Vital Science reports how successful collaborations with key local players have spurred research into Asia-centric cancers and, in one case, have led to the initiation of a multi-national clinical trial.

A touch of the dramatic arts is ensuring that Duke-NUS medical students get the best education possible. Vital Science goes behind the scenes at the Clinical Performance Center (CPC) and explores the roles of healthy people portraying real patient situations.

Come August this year, the first set of students at Duke-NUS will be embarking on a groundbreaking, team-based PhD program – one which promises to train the next generation of biomedical researchers and put them on the fast track to success. Vital Science goes behind the scenes to find out more.

Like mountain goats that climb altitudes of up to 4,000 meters to forage for food, what helps us medical students climb the demanding terrain of a medical education at Duke-NUS?

The 1st Duke-NUS Vertical Challenge

Editor: John Davidson
Production and copy-editing: Adeline Sim
Vital Science is a quarterly publication produced by the Office of Communications and Development.

For this issue, the banner features 3rd year Duke-NUS medical students Vincent Tay and Wong Ann Mei examining Sim Man as part of the clinical skills training program that will prepare them for actual clinical practice. Dr. Mara McAdams, Operations Director of the Clinical Performance Centre at Duke-NUS, facilitates the interactive simulation-based learning.