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Neuroscience is one of the most widely supported research areas of modern bioscience. While some of the mysteries about the inner workings of the brain and the nervous system have been answered, many are also yet to be solved. Scientists throughout the world continue to be fascinated by the complexities of neuronal organization and function, as well as the array of neuropathologies responsible for morbidity and mortality in so many people.

Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School’s 2010-2011 academic year has begun and the school would like to welcome its 56 new students as they each embark on a career in medicine. While the majority of new students comprise Singapore citizens and permanent residents, there is also a significant number from elsewhere in Asia and from further afield. So, like the classes before them, this latest intake (the ‘Class of 2014’) comprises a well-balanced mix of students from different backgrounds and cultures.

Research projects completed by the pioneering ‘Class of 2011’ were recently presented at the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School’s Research Presentation Day.

All of us have a passion for Biology and research, but our similarity ends there. Beyond this, you really cannot get a group more diverse than the PhD class. Some of us recently graduated, while others worked for a couple of years in various industries and capacities.

Established in 2009, the Duke-NUS Early Career Scientists Association (DUNES) provides avenues for students and researchers at Duke-NUS to improve their career prospects. This includes events to enhance professional skills, develop scientific and social networks, and provide wider community services. The association is run by the early career scientists themselves, with invaluable support from Duke-NUS.

DUNES Photography Competition
DUNES Coastal Clean-up
at Changi Beach
DUNES Table Tennis Tournament

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This issue's banner showcases the diverse nationalities of the school's first-year class, featuring, from left to right,
Evangelos Papadimas (Greek), Kavisha Singh (Indian), Chen Si Xian (Singaporean), Clarissa Tio (Filipino),
Apurva Thanju (Nepalese) and Kim Ng (Singaporean).