duke-nus September 2011 duke-nus

duke-nus Bringing synergy to medical research, education and clinical care

The biggest breakthroughs in medical science combine tenacious research, dedicated clinical application and the sharing of that invaluable knowledge. Taking this synergy to a new level is a partnership between Duke-NUS and SingHealth where research is not an end to itself, but is applied…

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duke-nus A year of discovery

Since its inception in 2005, Duke-NUS has been offering a unique model of medical education. Aside from imparting relevant specialty knowledge, the goal has been to encourage its students to push the boundaries of medicine.

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duke-nus Paying it forward

For Dr. Karen Nadua, her contribution to the 2011 Class Gift Fund was more than a mere donation – it was a token of appreciation for being able to fulfill her dreams.

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duke-nus The class of 2015 begins their medical journey

This year's White Coat ceremony for the fifth intake of students (Class of 2015) was held on 12 August in the College of Medicine Building Auditorium. The donning of a white coat - a symbol of becoming a member of the medical community committed to clinical service and patient care.

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duke-nus The music of medicine

Vital Science speaks to our resident student band, Acoustic Bop -- comprising Josh Chua, Giselle Reinoso, Apurva Thanju and Esther Low - on the harmonious twinning of Medicine and Music.

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News In Brief
President Brodhead meets Duke alumni in Singapore
Minister of Health and Minister of State visit Duke-NUS
Duke-NUS and YLLSoM students work together
Lien Center for Palliative Care appoints Research and Education directors
PhD program gains traction
Duke-NUS education team shares team-based learning approaches in Cambodia
Benjamin Sheares Professorship recipient meets donors
Research News
Unveiling the 'molecular face' of gastric cancer for personalized cancer treatment
w'RAC'k the cancer cells by triggering self-eating
Novel brain tumor suppressor gene discovered
Study offers clues into the mechanism of mutation of influenza
Identifying the complexities in dementia care


MD Year 1 Foundations Course activities
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MS3 students' research day
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This issue's banner shows our award winning students with their 3rd year research mentors. (L-R: Prof. Aung Tin, Foo Li Lian, Yong Ming Hui and Assoc Prof. Tan Eng King). Foo Li Lian received the Young Investigator Award (YIA) at the 19th SGH Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) and Yong Ming Hui won one of three 'Best Poster Presentation' awards at the 45th Singapore Malaysia Congress of Medicine. Read about them in "A year of discovery".

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