duke-nus Message From The Dean

Welcome to the first issue of Vital Science for 2013. I hope your holidays have been filled with good cheer.

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duke-nus Understanding Choices at the End-of-Life

What choices do people make at the end-of-life and how can we understand these so as to provide the right services, comfort, dignity and support at this inevitable part of life?

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duke-nus Learning From Ezzy, a Cancer Patient

The process of learning medicine is not just from books and doctors, but from the patients we meet as well.

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duke-nus Reflections of a First-Year MD/PhD Student

When I first started my undergraduate studies in Pharmacology at University College London (UCL), the idea of postgraduate studies was a faraway thought.

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duke-nus Life After Duke-NUS

It has been more than a year since I graduated from Duke-NUS. For the past year, I was in the transition year residency program, putting in long hours and surmounting the many potentially traumatic calls.

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News In Brief
•   PM Lee Visits Duke-NUS
•   New Institute for Research Launched
•   Recognizing Research Excellence
•   Fostering the Spirit of Giving
Research News
•   Researchers Find Genetic Link Between Bats' Ability to Fly and Viral Immunity
•   Inhibiting ‘Porcupine’ Enzyme Potential Treatment for Certain Breast Cancers
•   Genetic Deletions in Y-Chromosome Contribute to Male Infertility
•   Epigenetic Analysis of Stomach Cancer Finds New Disease Subtypes
•   Brain-Computer Interface Program Shows Promise for Treating ADHD
•   Fat-Regulating "Master Protein" Identified
•   Two Duke-NUS Faculty Elected AAAS Fellows

PM Lee Visits Duke-NUS
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