duke-nus A Holistic Understanding of Autism

Researchers at Duke-NUS are tackling the challenging puzzle that is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) on different fronts...

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duke-nus Building Research Skills for the Future

Duke-NUS’ unique third-year program arms its students with the skills to make more informed analyses and incubate the passion for research.

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duke-nus An Eco-system of Support for Post-Docs

In the often arduous journey that is the post-doctoral fellowship, strong mentorship, robust intellectual support and the development of lifelong professional relationships make for a sound, meaningful and successful formula.

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duke-nus Reflections of an Unexpected PhD Student

First-year PhD candidate Esther Gan, did not even like scientific research at the start, but discovered otherwise by accident.

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In the News
duke-nus TODAY, Apr 26, 2013
Learning in the 21st century

Dean Ranga Krishnan contributes to the ongoing conversation in Singapore on approaches to education.
duke-nus TODAY, Apr 24, 2013
A better way to spend on healthcare

Singapore is in the midst of a major demographic transition. In light of this, Prof. Eric Finkelstein shares his views on healthcare spending.
duke-nus TODAY, Apr 17, 2013
Chasing that elusive dengue vaccine

The scourge of dengue extends throughout the tropical world and subtropical areas, even in Singapore. Assoc. Prof. Ooi Eng Eong comments on the unrelenting fight against dengue.
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•   Duke-NUS' Inaugural Annual Giving Campaign
•   Appreciating & Celebrating Our Leaders
Research News
•   Professor Patrick Tan Wins Chen New Investigator Award
•   Cultured Neurons Provide New Platform for Understanding Memory Processes
•   Faculty Honors

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