duke-nus New Horizons: Taking the CVMD Program Further

Professor Thomas Coffman, Program Director, Cardiovascular & Metabolic Disorders Program (CVMD) shares his thoughts on the Program and his new role as Duke-NUS’ Executive Vice Dean.

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duke-nus Getting to the Root of DHA and Making Better Nutrition for the Brain

A Singapore-based research study has made a significant finding on how we can more effectively get an important brain-building nutrient to where it is needed.

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duke-nus Duke-NUS’ Class of 2014 Graduates

Duke-NUS leaders and faculty were extremely proud to witness the graduation of the school’s fourth M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) class on May 31, 2014.

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duke-nus Beyond the Hospital: One Program's Approach to Reducing Hospital Readmissions and Associated Costs

In a flat in Yishun, two nurses swiftly check Madam Lan’s sugar levels and blood pressure. She reports she has been walking less in the past month and the nurse notes her sugar is high. After working on simple exercises, they discuss Madam Lan’s health plan and medication changes are confirmed with the domestic helper.

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duke-nus Learning to Serve in Batam

On April 25, 16 of us embarked on the annual two-day pediatric health-screening in Batam, Indonesia, organized by the Citramas Foundation and supported by Duke-NUS, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH), Palang Merah Indonesia (Red Cross organization) and Rumah Sakit Budi Kemuliaan (a local affiliated hospital).

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duke-nus Surviving Residency: The Initial Years

Once, I was asked to recount the funniest moment from my Houseman year: One morning during clinical rounds, a new patient stated quite seriously, "I can't take Panadol. I'm allergic to it." The Registrar promptly asked, "So what do you take for a fever, sir?"

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News In Brief
•   A Nobel Encounter - Professor Lefkowitz Spends an Afternoon at Duke-NUS
•   Precision Medicine Healthcare Joint Laboratory Launched
•   Transforming Vision Into Reality
•   A Gift That Keeps On Giving
•   Victor Dzau Honored for Outstanding Service
Research News
•   A Better Understanding of Cell Fate
•   A Novel Disease-Preventing Antioxidant Pathway
•   Cancer Stem Cell-Protecting Switch Uncovered
•   Collaborative Neuroscience Research Institute Launched
•   Duke-NUS Professors Elected to the American Society for Clinical Investigation
•   Protein Discoveries Have Implications For Brain Tumor Treatments
•   Separation Anxiety - Keeping Cell Division Stable
•   Singapore Young Adults Sleep Less Than UK Counterparts
•   Study Addresses Cost of Childhood Obesity
•   The Singapore Chinese Health Study - Three Significant Findings
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