duke-nus Duke-NUS in Singapore’s Translational Medicine Ecosystem

Ten years after Singapore announced the Biomedical Sciences Initiative and the vision of being a translational science hub, the term bench-to-bedside has become more than a catchphrase. It is now an expected key performance indicator for government, education, healthcare and research institutions.

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duke-nus Nurturing Next-Gen Scientists

Just four years old, Duke-NUS’ signature PhD program has graduated its first students and to date students have authored a total of 30 research publications. Associate Dean Silke Vogel, shares the challenges and successes faced thus far.

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duke-nus Regulatory Leadership and Excellence Gets a Boost

This November, a new Centre of Regulatory Excellence (CoRE) to promote regulatory leadership, policy innovation in regulatory science and scientific excellence has been set up at the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore (Duke-NUS).

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duke-nus Keeping SCORE: Anatomy of a Right-Siting Program

The first time I heard the word right-siting, I acknowledged it with a knowing nod, scribbled it in my notebook and continued with our conversation on reducing post-cardiac mortality. It was only a few seconds later I realized I actually had no idea what it meant. “Excuse me Professor…uhh….right-siting you said?”

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duke-nus Looking Back on My Three Years

Third-year MD student, second-time Class President, Edwin reflects on his journey through medical school, from being lost at “sea”, finding his stride and being buoyed by the joys, challenges and rewards of learning and doing medicine.

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News In Brief
•   Professorships Awarded to Outstanding Clinicians
•   Protein Folding Mechanism Discovery Paves the Way for Better Understanding of Human Disease
•   Students Hold Event for Pediatric Brain Tumour Patients
•   Two Awards for Professor Tom Coffman
Research News
•   Vitamin D Associated with Cognitive Impairment in the Elderly
•   Shorter Sleep Could Lead to Faster Brain Aging
•   Researchers Better Understand Links Between Mutated Protein and Brain Disease
•   Dengue Drug Trial Shows Treatment Promise
•   How Dengue Evades Our Immune Response
•   New Insights on an Ancient Plague Could Improve Treatments for Infections
•   Multi-Institution Team Makes Breakthrough Fibroadenoma Discovery
•   A Way to Target Cancer Metabolism
•   Home Incense Use Associated With Cardiovascular Mortality
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