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Our Beneficiaries

Your generosity will allow our students to receive a first-class medical education, and our researchers to drive groundbreaking discoveries, to help serve the future healthcare needs of Singapore and the world.

Chia Pei Yun
“I'm considering the path of a clinician-educator in the future. My unique background in humanities, together with medicine, will allow me to bring a valuable perspective to medical education."
beneficiaries Karl Tryggvason
“Our research on human stem cell-derived cell types is also crucial in developing regenerative medicine to address conditions such as kidney failure caused by diabetes, heart attacks, blindness caused by the degeneration of retina cells, and skin burns."
Read more about Prof Tryggvason here
Mukul Prasad
“I want to go into cardiothoracic and vascular surgery because I’m fascinated by the intelligent design of the heart. Through procedures like heart transplants, I will be able to save lives and extend the patients’ time with their loved ones."
Yau Rong Zhang Charles
"Through volunteering at hospices and hospitals, I learned a great deal from both patients and staff. It prompted me to consider how I could contribute towards Palliative or Geriatric medicine and support patients' long-term quality of life."
Clement Sim
"I am extremely grateful for the generous donations that have enabled me to pursue my aspiration of becoming a clinician who will provide the best care for my patients and improve their quality of lives."
Read more about Clement here

beneficiaries Katherine
"I hope to better understand the immunopathogenesis of lupus to improve current diagnostics and therapeutics. Your gift has made a big difference in my life. I want to be the best doctor I can be and hope to make a positive impact on society when I graduate."
Read more about Katherine here


At Duke-NUS, we nurture our students and our researchers to enable them with the power to change the world.  Your gift enables our potential to improve lives for the better.


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