Staff Testimonials

I enjoy and look forward to showing up for work every day because of our amazing Admissions team! I feel the camaraderie in the office between all levels of staff, which creates an energetic work environment where one can easily create and share ideas.  Even though I have been working at Duke-NUS for close to 15 years, there are always challenges that keeps us on our feet.


Ms Tammie Zhu

Senior Manager
Admissions Department
Office of Education

I can hardly imagine a more vibrant, intellectually stimulating, and supportive work experience than the one offered in Duke-NUS. It is truly a delight working with brilliant researchers and students with full of zeal and curiosity to impact population health. Aside from academic excellence, what amazed me is a sense of appreciation and trust for one another.


Dr Yoon Sungwon

Assistant Professor
Signature Research Programme in Health Services & Systems Research
Office of Research

Working for Duke-NUS has been a fantastic experience. Duke-NUS has been a part of my life for 10 years now and I am thankful for the wonderful trust from my boss. My HR colleagues are extremely encouraging, talented and are always around to support like one big family. Duke-NUS has been one of the best places I have worked.


Mr Derek Wong

Senior Payroll Analyst
Human Resources Department
Office of Corporate Services

Being in Duke-NUS for almost 4 years, the journey has been enriching. Having a supportive and collaborative team has made my working experience here amazing. I truly enjoy the flexibility that the school provides and I appreciate how the school is progressing my career professionally.


Ms Lee Seok Yun, Phebe

Assistant Manager
Academic Medicine Department
Office of Academic and Clinical Development

I've worked for Duke-NUS for 5 years and I'm grateful to work with talented professionals who deliver quality results in a positive, team-oriented work environment. I appreciate the Duke-NUS professional development courses which enhances learning and intellectual curiosity. Additionally, Duke-NUS implements several initiatives to improve employee well-being; the Peer Staff Supporters Community is an example and I'm proud to serve as a peer-supporter.


Ms Sapna Menon

Safety, Health, Emergency, Research Integrity & Compliance (SHERIC) Department
Dean’s Office

I have been with the Duke-NUS family for less than two years and I am blessed to be working in a vibrant and dynamic environment, as well as the opportunity to pursue my current Masters in IP and Innovation Management. I am very thankful for my team as we are very supportive of each other’s goals at work. We work hard, play hard, and eat good food. I am grateful to be part of Duke-NUS family!


Ms Kelsey Choo

Senior Executive
Centre for Technology & Development
Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship