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Student Spotlight: Danny Tng

25 Feb 2019
Danny Tng (Year 1 MD Student)


Tell us about your path to Duke-NUS.

I did my Bachelors in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. In my final year of Bachelors, I had the opportunity to participate in cancer related research. It was then that I had the dream of contributing to healthcare though research. I decided to stay on for 3 more years at NTU to do my PhD, working on micromachines and nanomedicines for cancer treatment in Prof Yong Ken-Tye’s group. Concurrently, I also had the opportunity to work as a researcher for the NTU x National Healthcare Group (NHG) collaboration project with Adj Prof Tan Cher Heng. During that time I had the privilege of working with many researchers as well as clinician scientists who shared the same dream as me. It was then that I had the aspiration to become a clinician scientist in order to care for patients as well as to have the ability to do research which can directly contribute to taking better care of them in the future.

What are some of your interests and hobbies?

I am a tinkerer at heart and I love fixing things and making my own stuff. So far I have made stereo systems, video projectors, headphones, wallets and even jewellery. Currently I am really interested in 3D printing and have been trying to build my own 3D printer. On the active side, I love bboying (breakdancing) and I have been meeting up with my mates to have weekly sessions. I feel bboying is a wonderful dance as it welcomes everyone and all styles are accepted. I have met many interesting people through dance and some of them have even continued onto the same road to become physicians. Maybe one day we will have a dance club at Duke-NUS as well!

Would you share a great experience or opportunity you’ve had at Duke-NUS?

Coming to Duke-NUS, I would say one of the great opportunities that I have was to learn clinical skills during our practice course sessions every week. We get the opportunity to learn about the techniques that doctors use for physical examination and how to interview patients to find out their concerns.


What’s one thing awesome about Duke-NUS?

Personally, my experience at Duke-NUS has been really awesome. The thing which has made my experience so special is that there everyone here is really like family. My classmates and seniors are very supportive, actively helping each other with everything from our daily assignments to even our relationships. We also have a really hardworking faculty and administration that work tirelessly to improve our education and we all have opportunities to directly feedback to them to have our concerns heard. 

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